Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is my property big enough? Can I even sell my backyard?

Maybe. Maybe not. Urbo can help you work out what’s possible. Size is just one thing to consider. For Geelong and Surf Coast subdivisions, there are no minimum size limits. With smaller sized blocks, you may need to submit building plans to show what dwelling will be built on the subdivided block (we can arrange architectural services for you). Viable dwellings can be designed for small blocks, even those under 200 square metres.

What fees do you charge? And when do I have to pay?

Urbo fees differ from project to project and payment plans vary from progress payments or once the subdivided property is sold. We always provide an outline of our fees before we proceed with your project. Contact us for an obligation-free discussion about fees for your subdivision project

Do I have to do the paperwork?

No. Once you have contracted Urbo, we will manage the necessary applications and liaison on your behalf. We will need your approval on certain documents and will keep you informed at every stage so you are in charge of what’s happening, but our role is to manage the complexities, so you don’t have to.

Do you arrange construction or building works?

Yes, we coordinate any required building works, including fencing, landscaping, demolition and building construction. Out network of trusted building professionals provides valued advice. We will always tender any required works to ensure you get quality and price value.

What are the tax implications once I sell the property?

Tax implications depend on your individual circumstances. We recommend that you seek professional taxation advice prior to making any financial decision. Generally, property acquired prior to 1985 is free of Capital Gains Tax (CGT). CGT is a complex area with calculations depending on many variables.

What will the subdivision itself cost?

It’s not possible to estimate the cost of subdivision without carefully looking at your project. There are many variables we need to consider and many costs to factor in including: size of the property, surveying, applications, site clearing, connecting utilities, inspections, permits and legal fees. Contact us to chat about your specific project and we will provide more details of likely costs.

Do I need to ask my neighbours first?

The subdivision planning permit process will determine objections from your neighbours. Our process makes sure that the subdivided property allows for a well-designed, aesthetically pleasing dwelling that is sympathetic to your neighbourhood amenity. If there are objections, we will manage that process to reach a mutually beneficial and acceptable outcome for all parties.