What we do

What we do … subdivisions Geelong and Surf Coast

At Urbo, we help you unlock the hidden value in your backyard, so you can put the proceeds towards what matters to you.

Maybe you want to renovate your principal home, pay off your mortgage, travel or invest for retirement?

Whatever your motivation, we guide you through the process of subdividing your Geelong and Surf Coast property from site assessment right through to sale.

As professionals, we take out the stress and complexity, managing all the subdivision details (big and small). For you, that means peace of mind.

Perhaps you’ve been put off the idea of subdivision because you’ve heard that it’s too hard or that your block’s not big enough. In reality, there are no minimum block sizes; it’s about proving what can be built on the site and gaining approval for that vision.

Our role is to tell you what is possible, how it can happen and what it will likely cost you. We do that honestly and without obligation.

Once you know the potential costs and returns, you can make an informed decision on whether or not you proceed.

How we do it

At Urbo, we work step-by-step through the process of residential subdivisions in Geelong and Surf Coast.

Each opportunity is unique and your project journey will depend on a range of variables.

The framework milestones include:

  • Initial meeting and site visit to determine your goals, gain the facts and investigate the potential
  • Pre-assessment meeting with council to determine if subdivision is possible; liaison with relevant authorities to determine costs
  • Meeting with you to discuss potential outcome based on approximate cost of subdivision and approximate sale price of subdivided property
  • Working through the actual subdivision process: liaising with council and local authorities
  • If you’ve decided to sell the subdivided land, placing it on the property market with the intention that it’s sold prior to title issue
  • Completion of subdivision and issuing of title

What’s the potential of your property? Contact us for an obligation-free chat about the opportunity in your backyard.

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